I asked my friend Mike to write a brief introduction for me for a publication called SHOOTERMAG in 2014.  What he wrote flattered me beyond belief.  

Brandon Kidwell has the rare ability to write an entire book of stories in each and every photo he creates. Mind bending visual masterpieces that look like they would be on the dust jacket of a best selling novel, that convinced you to buy the book on the cover alone. The longer you stare at them the more the story unfolds, until you realize you’ve read all chapters in one sitting.


It’s not often you see an artist as diverse in his craft and still able to have such precision. Kidwell can move from vibrant color to stark black and white effortlessly, or go from heavily edited brain teasers to crisp minimal shots with ease while still displaying his footprint. Tackling all genres of photography instead of just concentrating on one specific look, Brandon adapts to his environment and makes it all flow together to give you the best version of what he sees.


Kidwell spends most of his free time, while not out shooting, with his wife and three kids on their miniature farm in Jacksonville, Florida. A Financial Analyst by day and a visual storyteller by night, when his newborn son allows him the time, Brandon is a humble and sincere guy always willing to help out and lend advice. He still finds time to stay active in the photography community and is not afraid to expose his techniques on with the Mobile Photography movement.


Kidwell’s style of double exposure portrait work is one of his more sought-after series. The look of those pieces feel like they are from memories that you never experienced, but can still relate to. His work is definitely on the rise, and I look forward to seeing more from my friend, and talented artist.


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