The Conversation

An early morning conversation about music, life and small world connections with Malcolm and the Lomas Brothers, Jacksonville Beach, June 20, 2014. 

Malcolm @malcjax

Malc and John @jlom4

The three wise men and a lady and her dog.

Malcolm and the brothers Lomas 

WeAreJuxt is now WeAreGRRYO

@WeAreJuxt is now @WeAreGRRYO

Grryo, renamed after the West African word "Griot" meaning storyteller, continues to showcase art from every corner of the world in the form of visual imagery with both still and moving pictures, interviews of amazing artists, tutorials and reviews for a community that is growing everyday.

Our aim is to support the artistic movement through storytelling and social photography while fostering community.

It will be exciting and we look forward to what the future may bring.

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Double Exposure Edits Using Union App

Really excited about the new Union App by Pixite due out sometime in April 2014.  I'm still beginning to explore the possibilities with the newly added magic wand but here are a few double exposures I've made using the basic features of the new app.  A great plus to editors is the app gives you the ability to transfer your edits between other Pixite Apps, Fragment, Tangent and Lorystripes and preserves layers which is incredible.  Great things are in store from Ben Guerrette and company!

Learn more by clicking on the link here: Union

Being free means having the courage to let go!

A Daughters Future 

A Fathers Fears

A Daughters Light

Edge of the Wild (A Collaboration with Elaine Taylor @sunflowerof21)

This image is a result of the AMPt Community Chat group Collaboration Challenge.  Every two weeks the AMPt Community Chat group chooses a theme and for two weeks we practice and try to step outside our comfort zone in an effort to expand our abilities in mobile photography.  We then discuss the results and compare notes in an online chat forum every second Thursday at 6pm EST.


"There are no safe paths in this part of the world. Remember you are over the Edge of the Wild"
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

This great image is a blend of 
Elaines @sunflowerof21 incredible portrait of her son Charlie and my driftwood picture.

Apps: PSTouch, Camera+, Mextures, VSCOCam, PicFx, Snapseed, Filterstorm


I was playing around and thought it was interesting to see the evolution of the edit from Elaine's original portrait to the finished product..


I Am - A Photo Essay

I am the sum of my past experiences, the unchangeable roots of my current self.

I am the aggregate of my current strengths and weakness.  I am the means in which I provide for the needs of family and myself.  I am the faults that I struggle to erase, I am the strengths that I strive to improve.

I am the ground in which I plant my seeds.  My children will become echoes of my actions and my family will thrive at a rate equal to my, love and support.

I am a seeker of light, limited only by my beliefs.  

I am not a photographer and these are not my photos.  I am an adventurer, a seeker of answers, a lover of life and these are my visual journals.

A Man of Means - A Photo Essay

Following the Civil War In America, train hopping became a common means of transportation as railroads pushed west.  For years trains were hopped out of necessity, especially in times of economic hardship such as the Great Depression.  

A Man of Means 5.JPG

From this, groups of migrant workers that made a living hopping boxcars and picking up work where they could and earned the name “hobos.”  

A Man of Means 1.JPG

Danger, excitement and adventure soon brought a romance to the idea of train hopping hobos, attracting writers such as Jack Kerouac, Jack London and Ernest Hemmingway.  

A Man of Means 2.JPG

The title of this essay is taken from the song “King of the Road” by Roger Miller and tells the story of a poor man living life to the fullest humorously calling himself the “king of the road.”  While train hopping is not as common anymore, it remains symbolic of our sense of adventure, our imagination, the open road and the adventures of life ahead.

 Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

iPhone5, Camera+, Filterstorm, Mextures, VSCOCam, Snapseed