OMEGA Watches - Recording Olympic Dreams Since 1932 Campaign

I was fortunate to have the pleasure to shoot the entire still campaign for OMEGA Watches - 2016 Olympic campaign.  This consisted of PR photos for three Athlete Ambassadors and five creative pieces based upon multiple exposure style photography.  I'm excited to share the first in the series of Michael Phelps and will share more as they get released.


Recent Projects

Sunflowers and the Seeds of Youth

This project was initially a client request that was not selected and grew into a personal project using only portraits of young subjects, juxtaposed with sunflowers. I feel the life of a sunflower represents some of the most important feelings and emotions of adolescence in physical form growing fast and fleeting towards the brightest of all objects and ideas. Sunflowers go through many awkward stages before they reach their apex of beauty and glory and stand proudly before they fade into the next stages of selflessness and giving and eventually back to the earth.